I wake up to a sun-shining summer morning. Clear blue skies, a perfect 72 degrees. A hummingbird, whirring around my purple Chinese lantern, portends a great Sunday. My own private summer camp. I can spend the day on  my patio writing about glorious summers, past and present. All I’m missing are the lanyards to trigger my memories.

Then, outside, in my driveway, a frightened child stares back at me. He is clutching two stuffed dolls like they are all he has in the world. I find his 3-year-old face so disturbing that I feel compelled to  share it. He was apart from his mother for four months. This morning, he’s on the front page of the New York Times. More than 2,800 children are still in detention centers. They are treated like prisoners and worse. This is child abuse. Mean, heartless, merciless child abuse.

We have made little headway with rescuing these children. They should be having summertime fun – swimming, hiking, stargazing, torturing fireflies. Instead, they wait for this inept administration to reunite them with their families. I feel heartsick by the unconscionable acts, crimes really, of this current administration. There are many, but this is the cruelest. Children need to be nurtured, cherished, revered, not punished. For the welfare of children, now and in the future, We must continue to Protest, Resist and Vote this Republican congress out of office.

So much for summer. November isn’t soon enough.

Meanwhile, on a golf course far away, a fat man waves to cameras as he promotes a resort with his name on it. He is enjoying a lovely summer day.

#MigrantChildren #KeepFamiliesTogether #Resist