I am a memoirist, blogger, editor and essayist. I write about disability rights, health care, education, social justice, family, loss, and travel. Every once in a while, I find connections across those topics. My work has been published in HippocampusBrain, Child and The Big Roundtable. Early chapters of my memoir have appeared in A CUP OF COMFORT FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS and in Huffington Post. My reading for San Francisco’s Listen to Your Mother, a critically acclaimed national live-reading program, is now on YouTube.

I’m working on my memoir, MY DAUGHTER DIDN’T WANT ME TO USE HER NAME. My daughter was trapped in a body that didn’t work, and I felt trapped in the role of her caregiver. This is the story of how we both grew up, and how I learned to live with the uncertainty that defined her life. I still have a lot to learn.

I was a parent and caregiver for over twenty-five years. I have no medical background and am squeamish around body fluids. I came to this position unqualified and uncredentialed. I lack credentials and am entirely self-taught.

I am an alum of the juried workshops of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers, Aspen Summer Words, and Writing by Writers. I will begin the MFA Program in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University this fall.

I am a believer in magic and miracles, whichever is most appropriate. I live with my husband, Gary, and our incorrigible dog, Rico, near San Francisco, California.