Not Always Happy by Kari Wagner-Peck is not about raising a child with Down syndrome. It’s not about raising a child with a disability. It’s not about raising an adopted child. Not Always Happy is about doing whatever it takes to nurture a child and to help that child grow and flourish and thrive. All children should be so lucky to have Kari and Ward for parents. Hey, they can be my parents.

Kari Wagner-Peck enters motherhood with openness and acceptance. The problem is the rest of the world uses standards that don’t fit her son, standards that don’t fit a lot of people. She is every parent whose child is thrust into a restrictive educational system and a judgmental world. She becomes a champion for her son, Thorin, exposing him to an environment full of possibilities and promise.

Kari Wagner-Peck tells her family story with clarity, wit and heart. You can’t help but like and admire Kari, Ward, and above all Thorin.

Check out Kari’s blog  and Thorin’s amazing photography. He has a great eye for composition and perspective. I’m a big fan.


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